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You might be asking yourself "How do I pick a window?" with so many of them out there. You can line up a hundred windows and not be able to tell the difference. To tell a good window from the rest is to see how they're manufactured. Just because a window looks good when new doesn't mean it'll stay that way. So the manufacturing process is key to this. The best bang for your buck to improve energy efficiency in your home is by replacing your windows. With a high quality window at an affordable price you'll be thanking yourself you did it.

We use Okna brand windows to give you a high end product at an affordable price. Made right here in Pennsylvania. Okna has been in business for many years producing high quality windows at affordable pricing. With one of the best factory warranties you'll ever find. They back their craftsmanship 100%. Whatever type of window you're looking for be it Double Hung, Slider, Casement, Awning, Hopper, Picture, Bay, or Bow windows. AJ can have it custom made direct from Okna.


Double Hung

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is your most traditional window. With both bottom and top sashes sliding up and down vertically. These windows have the ability to tilt both sashes inward or completely take out for cleaning purposes. Double Hung Windows are also your most versatile and cost effective option.

Single Hung

Slider Windows

Slider Windows are usually used when the window desired is wider than it is high. A Slider Window can be made to a larger size than most other windows because of its sliding panes making them ideal for Sun Rooms. They come standard with full screens which make it possible to remove the sashes completely and leave out if desired.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are crank operated and come in a couple different forms. Standard, Awning, and Hopper. Standard opens on the side. And are typically found in bow and bay windows. Awning opens at the bottom. These are typically found throughout the house in older homes. And hopper opens at the top. Which are typically found in almost all cases in basement locations.

Bay and Bow

Bay & Bow Windows

A Bay Window has a center flat window that does not open called a Picture Window. With two adjoining windows set on angles which can be either Standard Casements or Double Hung. A Bow Window is completely curved, with as little as 4 panels or up to as many as 9 panels. The Panels are typically either Picture, Casement, Double Hung or a combination of those.